I kill group chats (and other social anxieties)

cn: social anxiety I swear, emojis will be the death of me. As if I wasn’t already an unforgivably overzealous user of exclamation marks, those deceivingly innocuous little faces with their little mouths scream to all my online acquaintances that I do, indeed, possess zero levels of chill. I’m a shy person, but something about … More I kill group chats (and other social anxieties)

Time [for you] to talk

cn: mental illness You post that it’s hashtag time to talk. I respond that you should practise what you preach. Now, if we’ve finished exchanging clichés, can we actually say something? Don’t get me wrong, any positive mental health message is a GOOD thing, for raising awareness and removing taboos if nothing else. But while … More Time [for you] to talk